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Where should you put a digital department in your museum?

Tate’s John Stack and I were featured in the most recent episode of Museopunks, the self-described “podcast for the progressive museum”. Entitled “Digital as a Dimension of Everything” it explores the questions that surround the role and placement of digital departments in museums. John talks about his experience as Head of Digital Transformation at Tate and I cover my recent experience at SFMOMA.

From the Museopunks intro:

One of the most interesting sessions at MCN2013 was on The Future of Museum Digital Departments, which featured staff from the Tate, the National Gallery, London, Imperial War Museums, and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and discussed the sometimes harsh realities of delivering a digital strategy within a complex organization. In the session, John Stack, Head of Digital Transformation at Tate, spoke about the museum’s recently adopted hub-and-spoke model for digital governance. In this episode, we break this idea down, and ask how different organisational structures can impact museums and digital organisations. How are museum digital departments integrated within broader institutional structures, and what impact does this have on digital’s place in the organisation?

One of the interviewers, Suse Cairns, mentions Tate’s 2013-2015 Digital Strategy, which gives the show it’s title:

You can listen listen to it for yourself. Also check out the Communication Breakdown episode which I particularly enjoyed.

…as am I.