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Ways of seeing Anish Kapoor

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Kevin R. Brooks from Macquarie University about the mechanisms behind the inversions and distortions of Anish Kapoor’s mirror works. We also talked about Oracle, one of Kapoor’s early void works (and my favourite work in his exhibition at the MCA).

Dr Brooks is Senior Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Human Science, Macquarie University, specialising in the research of Visual Perception and Psychophysics.

There are some great moments where the film crew are reflected and distorted in the mirrored surfaces in the background of our conversation. There’s also some visual trickery when we’ve turned a piece of footage taken through the deep red reflections of Blood Cinema upside down, in post production, so that it matches what Kevin is talking about at the time.

Check it out:

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