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Talking in public

It’s been a busy year for public presentations, covering the Museums Australia/Interpretation Australia Conference in Perth, Museums and the Web in San Diego, USA, Digitising Collections in Sydney, a few guest lectures and, coming up in November, the Nation Digital Forum in Wellington, NZ. One presentation, that is not on the official work calendar, allowed a more speculative approach. Adrian Wiggins and Siobhan Toohill of Pure and Applied invited me to do a salon style presentation at their inaugural Design Friday event at the end of July. They describe it as…

a mix of presentations, party and Q&A sessions with a small participatory audience – an evening we’re holding monthly, in an intimate setting.


Every month has a theme, this month it was…

place and digital, or how we can experience culture in the digital age. Does culture now exist somewhere or everywhere, and what are the new kinds of physical and virtual cultural and community experiences we’re able to have in our increasingly digitised world? Obviously, this is a question at the very heart of what we do here at Pure and Applied – a probing at the interstices of placemaking, user experience, and digital design.


It was a great theme to talk too, especially as it gave me a chance to reference some of the excellent work the Creative Learning team at the MCA is doing with digital excursions (think video conferencing on steroids) to schools around NSW (including Norfolk island). It also allowed some future gazing at the end of the talk and the nature of the event meant that there were a lot of challenging and provocative questions. A thoroughly entertaining evening.

You can watch the other speakers or read a review of the night on their blog:

Follow up

You can watch a video of my talk at Digitalising Collections on the youtubes. I’ve written a post about At The Frontier, the Museums Australia/Interpretation Australia conference. At Museums and the Web I was talking about, and indeed defending, MCA Insight the digital interpretation app I helped develop for the Museum of Contemporary Art.