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LED Hallway


There is a hallway in our house that runs from the stairway to the study, out the front of bathroom. It’s not a good place to hang paintings, so I decided upon a different approach to make that part of our house a little more interesting. A little more colourful.

Inspired by an Olafur Eliasson show I saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art I thought I could turn the hallway into a sort of light installation. So, when I was in Hong Kong I bought a strip of programmable LED lights from a hawker market and decided to put them to good use.

Read on below for a pictorial story of the project.


Oh, and please try this at home.


The LEDs come in a strip and they are controlled via a IR remote control. That’s important, as I’m going to put them very high up in the hallway. Which will involve a certain about of drilling holes in things.



I’ve run a power cable from the study into the hallway, up the wall and then onto a small platform I’d built. The platform supports of the power converter, the controller and the IR receiver. It also hides everything from view.



Above, on the left is the before, on the right is the the after.
Below are a few more images of the hallway under the influence of different colours, and some close ups of the LEDs at work.



The program that I use the most, slowly changes from one colour to the next.


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