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Augmented reality projects at the MCA

As part of an ongoing series of augmented reality (AR) interventions using the newly released AR app MCA AR, the Sunday Telegraph on March 26 (the Sunday before the Museum reopened) features a virtual tour and interactive 3D model.

The newspaper is no longer on the shelves, but you can experience the AR content on your screen.

Simply download the Museum of Contemporary Art’s augmented reality app MCA AR from iTunes App Store or Google’s Play store (formally the Android Marketplace). Or just search for MCA AR in your app store. The app runs on smart phones or tablets, but looks best on a tablet.

Install and load the app. Once it’s loaded, hold the camera window over either the picture of the MCA in the “break out box” or the whole picture of Elizabeth Ann Macgregor and you’ll get a narrated virtual tour of the new wing, or see a 3D model of the MCA building that you can look at from all angles.

As I mentioned above, this is just one of a number of AR initiatives. The two most interesting of which are;


We’ve embedded AR content within the MCA publication Site which reflects upon the archeological remains beneath the new MCA. Site investigates the history of the site – from a first Australian/pre-European perspective, to European arrival and the impact of colonial settlement, up to Sam Marshall’s design for the new MCA. We have added AR models, videos and audio to help tell these stories. You can buy the book online or at the MCA Store.

Bus shelters

Working with the team from Architect Marshall, led by Sam Marshall who designed the new wing of the MCA, we’ve been able to create a flythough of the MCA that is triggered by an image on a bus shelter. The image is of Stephen Birch’s Untitled. A work that appears within the fly through. The bus shelter become a portal that transports you to the Museum and allows people to discover the work in situ.

Please note: I did not make this video. 


Producer: Keir Winesmith
App development: Rob & Bruce Allen from Triggar
Content development: Keir Winesmith & Dylan Mighell from Museum of Contemporary Art
Architectural Render: Andrew Donaldson & Sam Marshall from Architect Marshall


  • Janey Wood

    hi Keir,

    Just found your blog! Had seen the mca telegraph and was wondering what else you were planning to do with AR. I’m looking forward to a trip to Sydney and finding the bus stop 🙂

    I’m from the NAA down in Canberra and we’re in the midst of planning our own AR app for an exhibition next year, I was wondering if you’d be interested in sharing your experiences?

    cheers, Janey

    • Anonymous

      Hi Janey,

      I’d be happy to chat. I’ll get in contact offline.


    • Jonnybravo044

      The Sunday Telegraph, and i think their other newspapers too such as the Sunday Mail, were all augmented today with their own AR app called “News Alive” created by Sydney AR company Explore Engage.